Jail Calls was started to help friends and families of inmates reduce the cost of inmate collect calls. The burden placed upon friends and families to speak to a loved one inside a correctional facility is very costly. Inmate collect calls can be very costly.  Jail Calls understands this cost can do more harm to a household budget and is here to help. We use call routing technologies in conjunction with our network to reduce the overall cost of each call. For people without the ability to accept a collect call on their cell phone, VOiP phone (cable phones), or just have a block we are able to give service. Prison calls cost a lot more then standard collect calls. Inmates only have the ability to make zero plus collect calls. You can never call them. We are your solution in most cases.

When you need collect calls from jail, you found the company that truly cares! The fact is we handle collect calls to cell phones and most correctional facilities or jails. Especially if you only own a cell phone. Accept collect calls on a cell phone from your loved one with us!

There are many different phone carriers and most carriers do not have billing agreements with the correctional facility phone provider. With Jail Calls, this problem is solved in a legal manner that will allow you to speak with your friend or loved one who is in the correctional facility. Prison phone systems have a lot of built in security features to prevent fraud, harassment of people that should not be called by inmates, and time limits for the duration of the call. NO SECURITY features that are legally in place by a prison is in any way tampered with. Jail Calls is completely legal and only works with and for friends


and families of inmates. No inmate can be a customer because, they are not responsible for paying the phone bill. Correctional Facility calls at a lower rate does not harm the interests of security. In fact, Prison Calls do cost more to handle but, that does not mean these phone calls should be overpriced.

Correctional facility calls are usually provided by one of the contracted companies that plays the voice message and handles the phones at the facilities. Names like Global Tel Link, Correctional Billing Services, and PayTel to name a few. These companies handle only the billing aspect and have no legal right under any law to decide who “your” carrier of choice is. We are not a call forwarding company and do not use third party billing for any calls. These prepaid collect calls from the correctional facilities are handled by Jail Calls and not a third party. Sometimes if your loved one is located in a County Jail awaiting court action, it is less expensive to receive your calls from the contracted carrier. That is if they are only going to be in that County Jail for under a month or two.

If your loved one is going to be in a prison or jail for an extended period of time, Jail Calls is the company that will help you save money or at a minimum, receive calls. This is why we have been around so long and continue to help people week in and week out! We care where others do not!

As I am sure you have many questions about prepaid collect calls from Jail Calls still, either call us today or send an email for answers. I and sure we can help you stay in touch with your loved one.

Jail calls is here to help you. If you have an issue with service, one of our friendly customer service representatives will gladly answer your questions. If you need a service change, they will provide it for you. If you require any other special need, please ask if it is available. If it is not, please send an email and one of the company executives will review company policy to see if this can be implemented.

Remember, we are the leader and we allow you to receive calls from your loved one on your cell phone. Most people that need to receive calls from a correctional facility have a cell phone and we make sure your loved one can get through and speak to the family! Calls on your cell phone is very simple for us and why most people love us!

CONTACT US between 9am & 7pm Monday till Friday at: 856-306-5046 We answer the phones…

PLEASE NOTE: We are not that ‘scam’ company Jail Call Services. This company is attempting to use our good name to steal from you. They are simply ripping you off and will explain how to get your money back. They have NO phone number at all to contact them.


COUNTY JAIL CALL is another one of our sites if you are just thinking a county jail set up is all you need. Below is a video that you will find very HELPFUL!!! It tells you there is in a simple fashion.