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Dear customer,

It has been very difficult to continually reach many customers via phone for the low or negative balance courtesy calls.  Therefore, a change for the better has come. To stop calling people constantly at the “wrong” times of the day and to help keep costs down, Jail Calls has made a policy change. We will now be auto-replenishing your account with your card on file. This is a simple and painless process. The office will see that you have a balance below $15.00 dollars and in increments of $25.00 dollars replenish your acct. This will avoid constantly having to call you while your driving or at work. It will make your life easier and less stressful. It will help keep you and your loved one in contact. It will stop the system from sending out multiple emails to you. It will always make life easier when your not bothered. We hope that you are made even happier then you currently are with this wonderful system enhancement. We know that in testing, it has made a great many customers very happy and others have been requesting it. Now your requests have been answered!

Should you decide not to be set on Auto-Replenish, all you need do is call the office and tell any CSR to please change your acct. to NO from YES.

Jail Calls management